Our Story


SUPPLEMENTS SA is a South African based sports nutrition supplement company formed in August 1999. From the outset the objective has been to supply high quality, cutting edge supplementation to the bodybuilding and sports industries at affordable prices.
Our product ranges include:
The company sponsors numerous athletes in all disciplines directly assisting these sportsmen and women in achieving top performance criteria. Our approach to product design is one of innovative quality, closely following the latest international market trends, and introducing original concepts.
SUPPLEMENTS SA uses only the finest raw materials and ingredients available thereby ensuring peace of mind to the consumer that they are getting maximum nutritional performance per Rand invested.
Supplements SA is currently working closely with HFL Sport Science, one of the world’s premier independent drug surveillance laboratories, providing unrivalled and internationally trusted expertise in all aspects of doping control for sports.
Having started out with a conservative expansion strategy, SUPPLEMENTS SA has experienced explosive growth and now boasts a national network of independent agents, major retailers including Game stores as well as international opportunities, namely the United Kingdom, Nigeria and India.